Ellen Pompeo Ellen Pompeo

When Grey's Anatomy returns for its ninth season (Thursday, 9/8c on ABC), the fates of the once Stranded Six Five will be revealed.

Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rhimes talks Season 9: Time jumps, new locations and new docs!

The last we left them, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) watched their final match go out as Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Mark (Eric Dane) looked worse for wear. Did everyone survive? And did all the docs back home actually stay at Seattle Grace?

Considering executive producer Shonda Rhimes is calling this the season of romance, we can only hope we'll get some happiness this year. "I think it might be post-traumatic romance," co-star Jesse Williams says with a laugh. We'll take romance either way!

Grey's Anatomy Gallery: Where were we and what's next? Get the scoop here!

Still, the first two episodes — the second of which will jump back in time to show how the docs were rescued — will be quite dark. Get caught up with where we left off with the docs and get the scoop on what's next from Rhimes and the cast of the ABC medical drama in our extensive Grey's Anatomy gallery here. Suffice it to say, spoiler warning! 

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.