Question: Any Grey's Anatomy scoop?

Answer: First, let me tell you about my "showdown" with series creator/information Nazi Shonda Rhimes at press tour Saturday. During the Grey's Anatomy session, I publicly asked the spoilerphobe to defend the no-tolerance-for-blabbermouths policy she enacted on the show's set. (To this day, Grey's stars still refer to the bloodcurdling memo she issued to the cast just prior to last summer's press tour.) "I grew up watching a lot of television [and] one of the things I feel strongly about is [not] knowing what's going to happen before you see it," she responded. "It just seems like a waste. Why tell people what's going to happen instead of getting them to watch it and see for themselves? To me, the show is more interesting because nobody knows what's going to happen next. It freaks me out to see our story lines on the Web. So we all made an agreement that we're going to keep our mouths shut." I can totally respect that. Really, I can. Honest. Now, stop reading if you don't want to know what's coming up on Grey's Anatomy.