The first day at a new job is always tough, and Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) transition to chief of surgery on Grey's Anatomy is no exception. Except it might be tougher for the people working around her than it is for her.

At the start of Thursday's episode, though Bailey is nervous about her first day in the new gig, she's also so focused on getting down to business that she unwittingly cuts short her own Congratulations party, after dumping her entire caseload in Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) lap. And that's the last thing Meredith needs, as she is already overwhelmed with trying to juggle the anatomy class she's teaching for the new interns (GREY'S ANATOMY, get it?!?!), and raising her kids.

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Elsewhere, Callie (Sara Ramirez) is smitten with a woman she's been on two dates with, and April (Sarah Drew) gets confined to the bubble after Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) notices that she has an enormous amount of lesions on her back. After being quarantined, April quickly starts freaking out - not so much because she's cut off from everyone else, but because Jackson (Jesse Williams) is unsympathetically ignoring her.

The bubble predictably turns into a therapist's office, with Arizona taking the opportunity to vent to April about Callie's newfound happiness, Webber (James Pickens Jr.) stopping by to complain about Bailey's tactics as chief, and Owen (Kevin McKidd) asking April for her advice on what his and Amelia's (Caterina Scorsone) makeout session from last week's episode means in the long run.

Turns out Webber is not the only one who's less than thrilled with his new boss. With Bailey making unreasonable demands on all the doctors to fast-track surgery on a woman who's suffering from abnormal growth caused by a pituitary tumor - "Big case for a first day," Webber dad-jokes - no one is happy with the new regime. And they're not afraid to voice their opinions, even in front of Ben (Jason Winston George), who learns that his wife was once nicknamed "The Nazi."

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As the patient, whose name is Jade, tries to leave the hospital, she passes out — right on top of Jo (Camilla Luddington), who remains oblivious for the entire episode that Blond Intern is harboring a massive crush on her.

Jade is rushed into surgery and, with Amelia and Jackson still arguing over which approach to use, the doctors begin operating and something goes wrong almost immediately. (I'm not sure exactly what because I averted my eyes as soon as blood started spurting out of her nose, but it's not looking good.)

At the same time, Bailey realizes that the staff is turning on her (and that Ben's caught in the middle), and begins to doubt her chiefly abilities. But, just when she's feeling completely despondent, Webber tracks her down to give her an engraved stethoscope, and a pep talk. In exchange, Bailey tries to quit. But Webber won't let her, saying that he knows Bailey is going to be a great leader, even if it takes time.

In the middle of Jade's surgery, April sends Jackson an emergency page and they finally start to hash out their problems. Jackson admits that he still resents April for going away - twice - when he told her he needed her to stay, and is no longer sure whether the marriage is worth fighting for. Ouch. (Literally - April, forgetting she's still in the bubble, tries to run after him and crashes into the glass.)

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Back in the waiting room, Amelia, Jackson, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Callie give a chagrined Bailey a not-too-optimistic update on Jade, and Bailey compliments them on their work and vows that she will be a better leader tomorrow.

Mostly everyone gets a happy ending as the episode comes to a close - Callie sets off on her date after a somewhat awkward exchange with Arizona, April learns that she's not suffering from anything serious, Jade regains consciousness, and Amelia and Owen make out in an elevator. And, Bailey tells Meredith that her increased workload is because Bailey wants to promote her to chief of general surgery. Hooray!

The optimism looks like it will be short-lived, however, as the preview for next week indicate that Jackson is getting ready to change the locks and Jo's trying to figure out how to tell Alex she's pregnant (!!!!). And, was anyone else a little suspicious about those prescription pills Bailey was taking as she prepped for the next day ... ? Here's hoping we're not getting set up for an addiction story line this season.

What did you think, Grey's fans? Were you surprised that Bailey had such a rocky first day as chief? Do you think Blond Intern is going to drive a wedge between Alex and Jo? And will Jackson and April be able to get back on track? Sound off in the comments!

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