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[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday night's episode of Grey's Anatomy.]

Grey's Anatomy really knows how to make doctors suffer.

Poor Teddy (Kim Raver), she finally found happiness with patient-turned-husband Henry (Scott Foley) only to have him die in a surgery within the walls of Seattle Grace, probably only one OR down... so close yet so far away as his heart gave its final thump.

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Though Teddy is not yet aware of the outcome — Owen (Kevin McKidd) lied to her so she could finish a different complicated surgery — she'll soon come to learn that he died in the surgery Cristina (Sandra Oh) performed, unaware of who the patient actually was. How will Teddy feel about losing what Kim Raver calls Teddy's "first true love"? caught up with Raver to find out:

Teddy has been so happy this year. How did you feel when you found out that happiness would be taken away from her?
Kim Raver:
Oh it's devastating. I had such training for it with 24, it was like the minute anything is good, you know you've got a bull's-eye on your back. [Laughs] Working with Scott Foley is just so great. He's really just so easy to work with and so funny. I thought, "Oh no, something is coming soon." I lived in a delusion for a while. I was like, "Oh this is so great. Teddy's so in love." It's terrific and then I got the news. I think that the whole cast is actually very upset. During the table readings when anything starts happening, the whole cast is like, "No, no, no!" 

Talk about the evolution of their relationship. At first it was manufactured just to save him, but she really did fall in love with Henry. 
Teddy has this thing for wanting to fix things. Initially it was, "Oh this is completely unjust. We should all have healthcare. It's not your fault that you can't do this." That's also why she is such a good surgeon, her ability to get in there and turn a dire situation into a really great situation. 

Then it was really about them being best friends and her not seeing that she had this amazing man for her in front of her. Then, when she took that leap of faith as they were having this amazing time and had this amazing connection, they really fell in love. Probably for Teddy, this is her first true love, which came out of this strange situation that really grew into a really deep connection. 

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Because of this being her first real love, how will Henry's death affect her as a person and as a doctor?
That's what we're going to explore. I talked to the writers about that. She's dealt with death a lot actually, which is going to be interesting. I think it will probably be different than the way that other people have dealt with it on the show in the past. Her best friend died in 9/11.  She saw death in Iraq when she was there.

I have a feeling, and I could be wrong, but knowing Teddy, she will probably become a work maniac because of her inability to process it. The day that she actually does have to process it is going to probably be really messy. [Executive producer] Shonda Rhimes and I have discussed a little bit of that. It will probably be her wanting to really not deal with it by continuing to fix things and working. 

It feels like the Grey's Anatomy audience is now seasoned pros at recognizing the signs of PTSD because of Owen and Cristina. Do you think Teddy will have a similar reaction to what they've dealt with?
What's always been interesting about Teddy is that you never really saw her with PTSD.  When she arrived at Seattle Grace, she has an incredibly positive, life-affirming, grab-life attitude, whereas Owen was much darker. I think there's definitely going to be something, but I'm not quite sure what that is going to be. I know that Teddy's not going to be a puddle on the floor. Shonda and I did talk about that. It's not going to be that. Everything is going to be about work so she doesn't have to process a huge loss. 

What can you say of Teddy's reaction when she does find out?
It's really so well done and so beautifully and horrifically done.

Teddy, Owen and Cristina finally got past the love triangle and now the writers have thrown a wrench in their working relationship. How will the events of this episode affect these relationships, especially with Owen lying to her about Henry's fate?
I think that's going to be huge. That's definitely going to be a big factor to contend with.  I'm glad to see the three of them having to work out stuff again. Not them as a relationship, but us as working surgeons together. I'm excited to be dealing with Teddy and Owen's friendship. What is this going to mean to that friendship? 

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Do you think there's a chance Dr. Perkins (James Tupper) could come back into her life or is it too soon for Teddy to even start thinking about that?
Oh gosh yeah, I think it's way too soon. Honestly, I really don't know how Teddy's going to get over this. Teddy is so madly in love with Henry. With Perkins, they were good for each other on paper, but Henry and Teddy were good from the heart. They were just good on so many levels. Those people are so rare to find in your life. I just don't know how she's going to ever let someone back in her life to that level.

Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes in early January.

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