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5 Ways Grey's Anatomy Can Deliver Justice for Jo Wilson

She deserves SO much better

Megan Vick

It became clear over a week ago that Grey's Anatomy was going to do Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) -- yes, we've given her back the name she gave herself because calling her Karev at this moment in time feels insulting -- dirty the second she told Link (Chris Carmack) that Alex (Justin Chambers) never went to visit his mom and had instead just ghosted his current wife. It was revealed in Thursday's episode that Alex didn't just go to clear his head, but he decided to start a new family with his ex, Izzie (Katherine Heigl), and the two kids she had with his embryos, leaving Jo with nothing but a cool loft and a letter of broken dreams.

We know there are some behind-the-scenes things to consider, like the fact that Chambers left the show in the fall, forcing the writers to figure out a way to write out his character without actually having Chambers around to provide a truly satisfying arc. There was no way to handle the situation without devastating Jo, even though she's been through so much. That being said, Alex up and leaving Jo and breaking up with her in a letter is a slap in the face to a character who has stuck with Alex through thick and thin. It is going to exacerbate her abandonment issues tenfold, and the poor woman has already done so much to get herself healthy and stable.

Regardless of who you want to blame for Alex bailing on Jo for Izzie, the truth is that Jo deserves justice for this heartbreak and there are a few ways Grey's Anatomy could make up for it, or at least try to. TV Guide has compiled a list of ways for the show to start.

Camilla Luddington, Grey's Anatomy​

Camilla Luddington, Grey's Anatomy

Richard Cartwright, ABC

1. A Catherine Fox Award

Okay, so Alex wants a quiet life on the farm and to never speak to Jo again? Cool story, bro. Check her out in the headlines when her breakthrough medical fellowship lands her the most prestigious award in medicine. Who needs a husband when you have innovated a whole new way to deliver medicine and a stepping stone for curing major diseases? It's time for Jo to get back to the research that she loves and show what an amazing doctor she is. Let the glow of that decadent trophy keep her warm at night because Jo will know that no one could ever take that away from her.

2. A baby

We are not advocating for Jo to hook up with anyone in the near future, but it's already been made clear that she's hankering to be a mom. Maybe instead of trying to find someone who won't leave her, Jo could be the person who stays for someone else, someone who deserves it more than an insecure man. Yes, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) just adopted a wayward youth, but that doesn't mean that Jo couldn't do the same and have the family she's always dreamed of and help a child in need get the love that Jo has never gotten. Let's skip the whole emotional pregnancy rollercoaster though, because she does not need that in her life right now.

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3. A solid friendship with Link

Yes, this is already in Jo's possession, but let's not get any weird ideas that these two should become romantically involved just because Alex left and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is acting crazy again. Right now, they both need a stable, reliable friendship. They need to be what Alex and Meredith were for each other, or for what every other male-female best-friendship has failed to be on this show -- platonic and unconditionally supportive. Jo needs to know she has someone to help her without that person becoming the center of her universe. There should be no sex between those two (even though it would be one of the hottest on-call room scenes of all time). No! We can't have this.

4. An on-call scene with someone who isn't Link

Just because we disagree with Jo falling into a relationship with her oldest friend doesn't mean we think she should become a nun. She is definitely going to need to work out some aggression, and it's totally fine if it's with a hot stranger or an unemotional hookup at the hospital. Actually, you know what, bring back Scott Speedman's Nick Marsh for one more episode and let Jo be the one to jump on that instead of Meredith. This Alex betrayal was so deep we are totally wiling to give her that. Jack (Grey Damon) on Station 19 is also for healthier friends-with-benefits options -- and could bond with Jo over the crappy childhood situation.

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5. A beautiful new house

As cool as the loft Jo is living in now, it is tainted with the memory of Alex. Since it is illegal to burn it to the ground, she should find a brand new space that she can make her own. After growing up homeless, Jo deserves a place to settle that isn't going to be ruined by another person who decided to love someone else more. A place that she can call her own could help soothe some of the hurt caused by Alex leaving and put Jo in a more secure place so she hopefully won't spiral again.

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.