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Grey's Anatomy: Is Dr. Thorpe the New McDreamy?

We're not sold on him yet

Liz Raftery

Grey's Anatomy fans, are you ready for McDreamy 2.0?

Dr. Thorpe (Scott Elrod), the heartthrob military surgeon we met last week, has been calling Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) nonstop since he asked for her number. After she repeatedly ignores his calls, he shows up outside Grey Sloan to ask her out in person, figuring that she'll have a harder time saying no to his "nice face." We'll have to wait until next week to hear her answer, but I'm betting it's going to be yes. Are we supposed to find Thorpe's persistence attractive/romantic? I'm definitely not sold.

Anyway, that wasn't the only thing that went down at Grey Sloan this week ...

After noticing how close some of the residents have become with their attendings (and perhaps feeling left out that he doesn't have a buddy of his own), Webber (James Pickens Jr.) decides to shake up all the assignments, much to the attendings' collective irritation. The result: Jo (Camilla Luddington) is with Meredith; Penny (Samantha Sloyan) is with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone); Ben (Jason George) and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) are with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw); and puppy-and-baby-hating Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) gets stuck down in peds with Alex (Justin Chambers).

Is Jerrika Hinton leaving Grey's Anatomy?

Meanwhile, Arizona and Alex take turns trying to convince April (Sarah Drew) to get tests done in order to make sure everything is OK with her baby - oh, and also to tell Jackson (Jesse Williams) that she's pregnant. But she's not the only recent divorcee harboring a secret: Jackson is apparently dipping his toe back into the dating pool and really doesn't want April to know.

As for the cases: Ben and Arizona are treating an accountant named Courtney (guest-star Casey Wilson who's pregnant with quadruplets, and Amelia, Penny and Riggs (Martin Henderson) are working on a patient who's been severely injured in an accident. But their bigger problem is trying to manage the drama between the man's mistress of 11 years and his wife, who both arrive in the waiting room. His wife is basically waiting for him to expire, since she'll get $30 million if he kicks the bucket, thanks to their pre-nup. Riggs jokes that at least there's less pressure on him and Amelia to save this patient. I officially like Riggs!

But the whole thing is complicated when the man wakes up and immediately asks for his wife, calling her "Bugs," a nickname he hasn't used in 30 years. And he doesn't remember the mistress at all. Ouch.

Sarah Drew: There's a "tremendous sense of hope" for Jackson and April

There are also complications with Arizona's case, after Ben notices only three babies on Courtney's ultrasound, though she's supposedly pregnant with quadruplets. It's because the fourth one has moved down, indicating that - surprise! - she's in labor, months early. Efforts to slow down the labor fail, so Arizona attempts to pull off the heroic feat of having Courtney give birth to one of the babies and keeping the other three in - a procedure that even Dr. Hermann (Geena Davis, remember her?) has never performed.

In an effort to keep Courtney calm, Ben chats with her about tax advice. She suggests that he and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) might want to get divorced and file their taxes separately, since Bailey's promotion to chief means there's a 200 percent discrepancy between their incomes. And Casey Wilson gets a Happy Ending (sorry, had to) after all, as Arizona manages to save all four babies. Also, Ben makes a good enough impression on Arizona that she requests that he be on her service permanently, and Bailey hires Courtney to do their taxes (which Ben clearly isn't happy about but pretends he's fine with).

Back in Neuro, Riggs tries to figure out why Amelia hates Penny and, when she tells him it's personal, he notes that she probably has some of her own opinions about him since she's so "close" with Owen. (Burn.) But when the patient starts to crash while Amelia is MIA, Penny has to perform an emergency procedure in the room and Amelia realizes that she's a pretty damn good doctor after all.

Unfortunately, the relapse means the adulterer has taken a turn for the worst - but this time, his wife's rooting for him to survive (as long as his amnesia about the mistress remains intact). Of course, thanks to this, he's obviously a goner. After some prodding from Riggs, Amelia softens towards Penny and invites her to help with the surgery, where the patient dies on the table.

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After a tough day, Amelia's not really feeling up for the "first date" dinner Owen (Kevin McKidd) has planned. But it's not just because she lost a patient - she's more upset by the realization that, because she was so impressed with Penny's skills as a neurosurgeon, she now feels obligated to train her. Owen scraps the dinner and they go play with the therapy puppies instead - which, frankly, I would take over a dinner any day.

Meanwhile, Jo is getting increasingly frustrated with Meredith (who even slips up and calls her "Blake" at one point). Finally, they come to a head and Jo threatens to quit Meredith's service, but her grievances aren't just professional. "Get your own boyfriend," Jo snaps. When Meredith later complains about Jo's rant to Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Callie (Sara Ramirez), they suggest that mayyybe Meredith does kind of treat her like "a gnat."

Meredith sort-of apologizes to Jo, but she says it's only because she's overprotective of Alex since he's been burned by so many relationships in the past. She also tells Jo to not let anyone - even Meredith herself - pluck off her "tiny little insect wings." It's sweet, in a Meredith way. Then, possibly spurred by Jo's boyfriend comment, she hovers her thumb over the button to call Dr. Thorpe back - but she doesn't need to, since he's shown up at the hospital.

Finally, April (presumably) decides to take Arizona and Alex's advice about coming clean with Jackson. She tracks him down but finds him talking to Arizona, who's apparently already spilled the beans. Yikes.

What did you think, Grey's fans? Do we like Thorpe? Did Arizona do the right thing in telling Jackson about April's pregnancy? And which do you think makes the better date - a nice dinner, or playtime with puppies?

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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