Katherine Heigl, TR Knight Katherine Heigl, TR Knight

Long-circulating rumors that Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight both are angling to exit Grey's Anatomy have been given new life by a castmate.

When asked if Heigl is in fact scrubbing out as Izzie, James T. Pickens (aka the Chief) told Us Weekly, "Yes, she is." Pickens then said Knight is "going too ... to pursue other career paths."

Could Pickens have been speaking out of turn, or working off hearsay? One Grey's insider whispers to TVGuide.com that Pickens was "jumping the gun" with his comments, especially in light of recent buzz that Knight's particular situation could turn itself around as George's story heats up later this season.

A spokesperson for Knight offered TVGuide.com no comment on the actor's status at Grey's, while ABC isn't confirming any departures. Heigl's rep has not responded to a request for comment.

Heigl has been rumored to be unhappy at the ABC serial ever since she appeared to dis the writers last spring for not giving her Emmy-worthy material.

Knight, meanwhile, was famously caught up in the Isaiah Washington maelstrom of 2007, when Burke's portrayer reportedly aimed an anti-gay epithet at his castmate. Washington left the show months later.

When pressed about the exit rumors, Eric Dane, who plays "McSteamy" Mark Sloan, tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday, "Until the boss [Shonda Rhimes] says this is going down, it's not happening."

What do you think? Will the show suffer without Izzie and George?