Cristina is my new hero, based on the preview for the Oct. 26 episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy. Let's relish that choice sound bite of hers again:

"It's not always about you, Meredith!"

Accepting for a moment that the fictional Dr. Yang doesn't actually know of and thus watch a TV show called Grey's Anatomy, she can be forgiven for being so off-base in her observation. Because as we the viewers are reminded again and again, it is always about Meredith. This is, after all, Grey's Anatomy, and every week updates us on Ms. Grey's anatomy, if not her heart then her nether regions' needs. And from where I've been sitting this season - that is, alongside my wife, who similarly groans at the series' insistence on making most every scene about Mer/McDreamy/McVet/McThis/McThat - it's gotten to be a bit much.

"Seriously" (as they on Grey's say), the pervasiveness of Mer's love life has become an eye-roller in the same way that Carrie Bradshaw's on-and-off-again relationship with Big monopolized most every Sex and the City gathering between her and any combination of Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

Samantha: I just had a four-way with a Yankees outfielder, Colin Farrell and a barnyard creature.
Carrie: Does Colin think I'm being stupid about Big?

OK, I made up that dialogue snippet, but it typifies the way that Sex and the City's bread-and-butter came to consume the entire show, and in turn demonstrates how Mer's romantic travails are butting into far too many Grey's scenes.

Must every other medical case - e.g., last night's divorced couple ensnared on each other's private parts - serve as some metaphor for the Meredith/Derek/Addison triangle?

Must every other patient - e.g., the guy who spoke everything on his mind - be employed as some sort of Greek chorus chiming in on the situation?

Must every other character's love life be relegated to a launching point for a regurgitation on what confounds our titular heroine?

Last night:
Callie: I slept with another man. Do I tell George?
Meredith: I broke up with Finn. Do I tell Derek?

And the omitted next line (I imagine):
Callie: Did you hear a word I said? [ Mumbling to self] Self-centered flake....

I half expect Burke to confide in Mer about his jittery hand, only to have her wistfully reflect, "Finn used to hold my right hand...."

Do we have a vested interest in Ms. Grey's love life? Of course. And oftentimes yes, it does tug at the heartstrings. But this week the scene that turned me into mush was the breast-cancer patient copping to her crisis of conscience - and with nary an allusion to who Mer should be with.

Please, Grey's, never forget to let the medical drama bring the drama.


Being let off the hook, for now: Isabelle Stevens, once effervescent and bright, recently morose, and currently a seemingly unfocused rambler (with $8 million, I almost forgot to add).