Thirteen seasons in, Grey's Anatomy is still hot — so hot that it's getting its second spin-off next season focused on Seattle's finest (and probably horniest) firefighters.

Details are scarce on the project, but what we do know: It received a straight-to-series order and will debut sometime next year. And in lieu of Shonda Rhimes, Grey's executive producer Stacy McKee will serve as showrunner — which makes sense since she penned Thursday's fiery Season 13 finale. That's probably what sparked the idea! (#sorrynotsorry) The show's currently untitled, but don't worry, Shondaland, we've got some suggestions for you.

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1. Sea(ttle) of Flames
Look, anything like Seattle Fire is too easy and Rhimes is going to want to distance herself as much as possible from comparisons to Dick Wolf's One Chicago franchise, which she's already halfway to replicating. Sea(ttle) of Flames covers a lot of territory: The fire element, duh, the city, and the city's wet reputation. I'll refrain from the low-hanging "Why do we need firefighters anyway with the rain?" joke.

2. Scarlett's Blaze
This is ideal if Shondaland wants to continue its colored moniker nomenclature. Scarlett's a shade of red and a name! Grey's very briefly introduced "Firefighter Carroll" (Stephanie Czajkowski) in Thursday's finale, but it's unclear if she'd be the spin-off's lead right now. Nevertheless, Scarlett could still be her first name, while "blaze" would be a nod to the eventual use of Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory" (you know Rhimes loves her music!).

Furthermore, Rhimes' new, generically titled legal drama For the People was formerly dubbed Mother Court (LOL) and Black's Law. Since the slow is slated for midseason, it's not too late to retroactively make this the ChiJu of the Greysverse and revert to Black's Law. (The eventual cop spin-off would have a blue-hued name, obviously.)

3. Grey's Inferno
Or they could retain the "Grey's" name for easy-to-recognize familiarity in the age of Peak TV (and would it surprise anyone if Meredith discovered she had another sister at this point?). Plus, everyone knows the 10th circle of hell is Shondaland's catastrophe-prone Seattle.

4. Byrnes' Ashes
Non-colored, no Grey relation, but still pun-tastic. Alternate, far-more-literal spelling: Burns' Ashes.

5. How to Get Away with Pyromania
In a Law & Order: Criminal Intent-esque twist, the show would be told from the perspectives of both the people who start fires around Seattle and the firefighters who try to put them out. (Fun fact: Czajkowski guest-starred on How to Get Away with Murder in 2015.)

6. Hose Before Bros
The spin-off will almost definitely feature a female lead to join the ranks of Shondaland badass leading ladies Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating, Addison Montgomery et al., and it will definitely cover the team's personal lives (the logline promises the show will follow "heroic firefighters as they risk their lives and their hearts both in the line of duty and off the clock"). After getting burned (!) by a former flame (!!), our heroine will have a renewed focus on her career, coining the titular mantra, but then a new hoseman joins the firehouse, and well, you know.

The Grey's spin-off will premiere next year.