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Grey's Anatomy Finale Sets Up Firehouse Spin-Off

Who survived? Who died?

Liz Raftery

Grey's Anatomyput the pieces in place for its recently-announced firefighter spin-off with Thursday's Season 13 finale.

Picking up right after the events of the previous week's episode, the finale picks up with the hospital in chaos. Jackson (Jesse Williams) is on a mission looking for Edwards (Jerrika Hinton), while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is looking for Nathan (Martin Henderson) as well as Erin (Darby Camp), the missing girl who's with Edwards, after running into her frantic father. Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) is Minnick, so she's mostly concerned about whether people are following protocol amid a crisis. And April is (Sarah Drew) mad that Jackson, being the type of guy who runs into a fire, has gone after Stephanie and hasn't been heard from since.

ABC orders Grey's Anatomy spin-off about firefighters

Inside the hospital, Stephanie's alive, but dazed and badly burned after the explosion. But Erin is trapped under some lab equipment that has impaled her leg. After managing to free Erin from the machine, Stephanie soaks a blanket and her hair in water to carry herself and Erin through a literal wall of fire to escape the room in which they're trapped. Unfortunately, the stairwell is also engulfed in flames. But they make it up to the entrance to the rooftop... where Stephanie realizes she's left her key card back down in the original room and can't get out. She covers Erin with the wet blanket and promises her they're going to be OK.

Richard Cartwright, ABC

Then Stephanie somehow manages to spot her key card through the smoke and flames(?) and runs down to grab it, leaving Erin by herself. She successfully retrieves it and they run out onto the roof. Stephanie screams at the firefighters below, but they can't hear her, and meanwhile Erin appears to be bleeding out from her leg injury.

Meanwhile, Meredith finally finds Nathan -- in the middle of a surgery, one floor below the fire. And Jackson's search for Stephanie gets derailed by a stray patient, so he brings her out, only to get yelled at by Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and April, who shoves an oxygen mask onto his face. As he's explaining to Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that he was looking for Edwards, Minnick says that she got caught up in the chaos and forgot to report to the police that Edwards was missing, as Jackson instructed her to do. (Really, Minnick?! You had, literally, one job.) Fortunately, Ben (Jason George) remembers seeing Edwards in the hallway with the patient. He and the firefighters run back into the hospital, where they follow Erin's blood trail up to the roof and find Stephanie frantically trying to resuscitate her.

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The doctors do all they can to save Erin -- and her leg -- while Stephanie ignores her own injuries and stays by Erin's side until she's stabilized. Once Erin is out of the woods, Stephanie promptly passes out.

While all this is going on, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is driving Owen (Kevin McKidd) to the hospital to meet his rescued sister Megan.

Outside, Meredith and Nathan, after finishing up their surgery, are taking a breather in the ambulance. Meredith makes sure that Nathan has sucked enough oxygen into his lungs before telling him the news that Megan's alive. He initially is in disbelief, and repeats "that's not funny," before finally collapsing into a tearful coughing fit.

As the sun comes up the next day, Nathan leaves to go meet Owen and Amelia at the hospital. Meredith, knowing how she would react if she found out Derek was alive, encourages him to go without hesitation, even offering to drive. Owen and Amelia are waiting for the helicopter when it arrives, and we see Megan being unloaded on a gurney -- but we'll have to wait until next season to find out what kind of condition she's in.

Catherine (Debbie Allen) grills Webber (James Pickens Jr.), Bailey and Minnick about what went wrong with the emergency procedure. Minnick tries to cast blame on Webber, saying that if Stephanie had been in counseling like she was supposed to be, none of this would have happened. Bailey fires Minnick on the spot.

Elsewhere, Maggie apologizes to April for yelling at Jackson, and April says it's clear Jackson has feelings for her and she should just go for it. ~New romance out of nowhere alert!~

And Alex (Justin Chambers) is treating Edwards, who's still laid up and temporarily resisting morphine for her burns. She says that, once she's recovered, she's determined to get away from medicine and spend her days traveling and exploring, and gives Webber her verbal resignation from Grey Sloan right then and there from her hospital bed.

We didn't get to see too much of the firefighters in tonight's episode, but the finale was proof that Shondaland can handle ablaze with aplomb. And it seems like Edwards has left the building. What will a Jackson-Maggie relationship look like in Season 14? Will any characters spin off into the crossover? And how is having Megan back going to change things for Owen, Nathan, Amelia and Meredith? We'll have to wait a few months to find out!

Grey's Anatomy returns in the fall.