Shonda Rhimes with <I>Grey's</i> star Ellen Pompeo Shonda Rhimes with Grey's star Ellen Pompeo

Although ABC's Lost, which just last week marked its own 100th episode, is zeroing in on a May 2010 series finale, don't expect Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes to make like "Team Darlton" and handcuff herself to her own finish line.

"I have no end story or date in mind at all," Rhimes tells the Hollywood Reporter. "I just want us to tell stories as long as we feel it's relevant."

This Thursday, Grey's Anatomy celebrates the "century" mark with what is intended to be the wedding of longtime lovebirds Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. The odds of that anticipated union going off without a hitch, however, are slim.

Where does Rhimes see her doctors-in-love serial heading? Although she at one time "knew exactly how the show was going to end," she now finds the personal and professional adventures of Mer, Der, Cristina et al heading  to "a different place than I'd ever expected at the beginning."

"We're essentially working without a map," she admits, "and have been for a little while now."

So, fellow Grey's fans, since the world seems to be our oyster, what would you like to see happen in the halls of Seattle Grace? Who do you want to see together? Who do you want apart? What sort of non-ghost/hallucination stories would you like to see told?