Could there still be a ray of hope for #Jolex on Grey's Anatomy? Camilla Luddington seems to think so.

When we left off in the midseason finale, Jo (Luddington) finally confessed her big secret(s) to Alex (Justin Chambers): that she's been living under an assumed identity in order to hide from her abusive husband, and doesn't want to put her name in the public record by testifying on Alex's behalf because she's scared her husband will then be able to find her. Partially to protect Jo, Alex decides to turn himself in and accept a two-year prison sentence (though the episode ends before we get to see what, if anything, he actually says to the district attorney). caught up with Luddington at the Television Critics Association winter previews, where she hinted that there's a reason for fans to be optimistic.

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"[Jo] kind of has this optimistic moment with [Alex], and ... I think that there's this hope at the end of it," the actress says. "He reacted in such an understanding way that maybe there's a possibility there for a future."

Watch the interview clip for more of Luddington's thoughts on Alex and Jo, as well as whether her real-life pregnancy will be written into the show.

Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes Thursday, Jan. 26 at 8/7c on ABC.