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Grey's Anatomy: Amelia Hits Owen Where It Hurts

Plus: Maggie learns the truth about her mom

Liz Raftery

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy laid bare some harsh truths for a number of characters, with good, bad and downright ugly results.

For starters, Maggie (Kelly McCreary), after spending the first half of the episode struggling to wrap her head around the fact that her mom was getting a "boob job," discovered that the real reason her mother was undergoing cosmetic breast surgery was because she has cancer and requires a mastectomy. Oops. Furious with Jackson (Jesse Williams) for not telling her, Maggie takes it upon herself to go through her mother's scans and realizes that the situation is serious, if not dire -- despite Jackson telling Mrs. Pierce that her chemotherapy appears to be working.

Tensions between Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) also came to a head, culminating in Amelia (unfairly?) screaming at Owen in the middle of the hallway that she feels suffocated by him -- and she bets Cristina felt the same way and that's why she left. A) Wow, way harsh, Amelia and B) this is the same man who's left you alone after you ran out on him and went into hiding?

Grey's Anatomy: Martin Henderson isn't bothered by Riggs-McDreamy comparisons

After getting reprimanded by Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Owen and Amelia take their fight to the stairwell, where Amelia demands to know why he's so set on having a kid and why their two-person family isn't enough for him. Owen mistakenly begins his explanation with "Because it's normal," which only sends Amelia further into her spiral and prompts him to tell him that she already got her shot at being an "amazing mother" and guess what? It didn't work out so well.

Caterina Scorsone, Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

Richard Cartwright, ABC

Riggs (Martin Henderson), meanwhile, is pestering Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) to give him an answer about whether he stands a chance with her (despite explicitly telling her previously to "take her time"), and Meredith finally blurts out that she doesn't see even a single reason to go out with him. He makes a joke out of everything and all of her friends (i.e. Alex) say he's bad news, so she challenges him to make a case for himself. And he chokes.

But later, Riggs tracks Meredith down in the MRI room and tells her that the reason he makes a joke out of everything is because the first time he heard her laugh, he couldn't move. Wooed, she agrees to go to dinner with him.

We didn't get any Arizona-Minnick action this week, but after getting the cold shoulder from Webber (James Pickens Jr.) ever since he witnessed their kiss a couple of weeks ago, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) finally confronts him. Initially he passively-aggressively slut-shames her, but then immediately apologizes and says he'll get over her betrayal; he just needs some time.

And the backdrop for all of this couple drama was the case of the week featuring guest stars Hal Holbrook and June Squibb, who played an adorable older couple, both former surgeons, who come to the hospital after she falls during a hike. Unfortunately, Amelia discovers that the wife, Elsie, has a brain bleed (you know where this is going) and after undergoing a risky surgery because she desperately wants more time with her husband, she dies and her poor, disoriented widower is left on his own to figure out how to fend for himself.

Everyone in the hospital is moved in one way or another by the couple's decades-long devotion to one another, perhaps no one more than Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), who has a break down after Elsie passes and begins to question what is even the point of trying to help people. DeLuca's (Giacomo Gianniotti) way of comforting her is to inexplicably blurt out that he's in love with Jo (Camilla Luddington).

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.