Question: I am dying for some Greek spoilers!

Answer: Well, lucky for you a huge shipment just arrived on my doorstep. Next week, Veronica Mars' Max Greenfield kicks off a two-episode arc as Ashleigh's French TA and a new love interest for Calvin. Also next week, look for dark and shady Evan to rear his ugly head when he tries to win Casey back. Teases series creator Sean Smith: "As we've shown his more romantic side in the past couple of episodes, next Monday we're reminded of the darker side from the pilot." Looking ahead to Episode 10, Wildfire's Ryan Sypek guest stars as a suitor for Casey. And in Episode 12 (aka "Spring Break"), look for Alexis Bledel's hottie BF from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2, Jesse Williams, to show up as a lust interest for Ashleigh.