Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe and Kevin) in Camp Rock by John Medland/Disney Channel Jonas Brothers (Nick, Joe and Kevin) in Camp Rock by John Medland/Disney Channel
The following is a special entry written exclusively by's teen correspondents, the Santry Sisters. Katie and Karleigh are the creators of, the No. 1 Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock fansite. The wait for the much anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie,

Camp Rock, is now over! While the entire movie was absolutely fantastic, there are a few high points that stuck out. Here are our five favorite moments. 5. "Too Cool" performance: Too Cool" is a very fun and catchy song, and it definitely gives you an idea on Tess' personality, while explaining how Mitchie fell into peer pressure. 4. Shane and Mitchie's first encounter: Though Shane didn't realize he was meeting Mitchie for the first time, the first impression wasn't very good. Shane went all "superstar," and was a total jerk, which why he was sent to Camp Rock in the first place. Though most of the girls would do anything for Shane, Mitchie tell's it like it is and puts him in his place. Way to go Mitchie! 3. Shane Shirtless: Enough said. 2. "Play My Music" performance: This performance was really cool because even though the boys were Connect 3, they seemed more like the Jonas Brothers. Watching that scene, you feel like you're watching a Jonas Brothers concert - the boys do their thing and it is an awesome performance. 1. "This is Me" performance: There are many performances in Camp Rock, but the one which this one definitely sticks out the most. The song is absolutely amazing (kudos to the writer), and Demi Lovato (Mitchie) has one of the best voices we've ever heard. Plus, the fact that they make it a duet between Shane and Mitchie made for a fantastic ending and a beautiful piece of music, which is why it earns the top spot for on our list. Those were our favorite moments, how about you guys? Do you have a top five Camp Rock moments? Share them in the comments! - Katie and Karleigh Santry Related: " Disney Channel Rocks the Ratings " Read our recap of Camp Rock " Get caught up on the buzz with our Camp Rock photo gallery " Watch our red-carpet interviews with the Camp Rock cast!