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See what to expect from the Jonas Brothers' new movie

1 of 10 Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel


Camp Rock - Nick Jonas as "Nate," Joe Jonas as "Shane Gray" and Kevin Jonas as "Jason" star in "Camp Rock"
2 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


As the movie's title implies, there is plenty of rocking to be done. So it's no shock that one of the many songs is called "We Rock." Like it or not, it's sure to be stuck in everyone's head all summer.
3 of 10 Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel


Breakout star Demi Lovato plays Mitchie Torres, a camper who dreams of being a pop star but can only attend the camp by helping her mom, the camp cook. She hides this fact to fit in but when the girls learn the truth it forces her to be true to herself.  
4 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


The Jonas Brothers rule the stage as campers-turned-rock stars who form the band Connect 3. Joe Jonas plays dreamy lead singer Shane, who can be a bit full of himself. But hey, what lead singer isn't
5 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


When Shane hears Mitchie's voice, he is inspired to find the girl to whom it belongs. The two bond (and maybe even - gasp - kiss!), and he encourages her to overcome her fear, be herself and step into the spotlight.
6 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


Peggy, Tess and Ella (Jasmine Richards, Meaghan Martin and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle) are Camp Rock's resident mean girls. When they learn Mitchie's secret, they get her banned from all camp activities.
7 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


Rarely seen without her laptop, Caitlyn (Alyson Stoner) is the funky producer-in-training. She is the only girl who isn't mean to Mitchie and immediately becomes her ally.
8 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


Comedian Julie Brown plays Music Director Dee LaDuke. (Bonus note: She also helped write Camp Rock with her brother Paul.)
9 of 10 Bob D'Amico/Disney Channel


Jordan Francis and Roshon Fegan play Barron and Sander who go to Camp Rock to perfect their rhymes in an effort to become huge reggae stars. Ya, man!
10 of 10 John Medland/Disney Channel


Who will Connect 3 choose as the winners of Camp Rock's biggest competition of the summer, Final Jam You'll just have to watch to find out!