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Grand Hotel's Denyse Tontz Says Alicia Isn't as 'Blameless' as You Think

"It gets quite dark for her in some places"

Lindsay MacDonald

Things are really heating up on Grand Hotel, though sadly it seems things between Danny (Lincoln Younes) and Alicia (Denyse Tontz) have actually cooled off.

After sending a memo to the staff reinforcing the rules against relationships between staff members -- thanks again, Ingrid (Anne Winters) and Javi (Bryan Craig) -- Alicia had to face the ramifications of her new identity as the "sex police" with her coworkers. Or, at least, that's what she thought. Danny, aware that he had a woman waiting for him back home, chose to break things off with Alicia and used the memo as a perfect excuse to hand her a pretty devastating rejection.

Meanwhile, the memo also pushed Yoli (Justina Adorno) to come out to Alicia in order to protect Marisa's (Sabrina Texidor) job. The confession actually ended up fostering a new, more open relationship between both girls, but it also prompted Yoli to reminisce about another staff relationship she'd indulged in -- with Sky of all people!

TV Guide spoke to Denyse Tontz about all these new twists and turns and what it means for Alicia moving forward.

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Denyse Tontz, Grand Hotel

Denyse Tontz, Grand Hotel

Richard Cartwright, ABC

As far as Alicia knows, she just got rejected pretty badly. Why do you think it hit her so hard to have Danny push her away like that?
Denyse Tontz: Alicia is just receiving a lot of mixed signals right now and she's a little out of her depth with this whole scenario. First of all, she's not used to not getting what she wants, coming from a privileged family and really going after things that meant a lot to her. But also, she's never really had that kind of connection with a person before and never really wanted it that badly. I think she's kind of grappling with the thought that it's just her wanting there to be chemistry there and maybe it's just in her head. She's sort of trying to figure out if Danny is playing with her or if she just made the whole thing up in her mind. But yeah, it's a heartbreaking one for Alicia. She's been getting all kinds of mixed signals and really putting herself on the line for this guy.

What can we expect that relationship to look like moving forward now that they seem to have made this break?
There's way more to this story. I think right now a lot of the viewers have been hating on Danny a little bit, but I think once they realize what's going on behind the scenes and what he's dealing with, having these feelings for Alicia and trying to figure out what do with them or about them. He has a really strong motive for being there. It would be morally incorrect for him to deviate that much from his goal because really he's there to find out what happened to his sister. So, I think at this point he's just trying to keep his eye on the prize. As these things go, you'll see him sort of start to inevitably be pulled towards Alicia and try to figure out what to do about that whole scenario. There are a lot of twists and turns.

I feel like fans are angry because Alicia is just such a good, honest person who doesn't deserve this. Do you think that's true or do you think there's more to her we haven't seen yet?
I think up to this point, Alicia's been a bit of a straight man. Nobody would suspect her because she's kind and sweet and she's the golden child. But we really do see her change a lot over the course of the season, especially when she starts uncovering some stuff about her past. When these things happen, we see her mature because I think right now she's still sort of got that wide-eyed, almost naïve vision of the world and how things are supposed to happen. It gets quite dark for her in some places, and it was so cool to explore that because I did not expect any of that from Alicia. So there's a lot of good stuff coming up for her. I wouldn't say she's blameless, actually.

​Denyse Tontz and Lincoln Younes, Grand Hotel

Denyse Tontz and Lincoln Younes, Grand Hotel

Byron Cohen, ABC

Grand Hotel Is a Campy Melodrama With Potential

Can you tease anything about the mystery of Alicia's mother and those secrets she was apparently hiding?
I think Alicia's priorities shift at some point. Right now she's just trying to rescue the hotel from debt and prove herself as an authority figure and just try to help her family in whatever way she can and balance this "will they, won't they" relationship with Danny. But at some point, something bigger than all of that comes into play, and she has to shift her priorities to getting to the bottom of it. She, to her detriment sometimes, can be really nosy, so I think some interesting stuff comes up that changes that storyline up a lot.

Can we expect her to have a volatile reaction to the truth about Danny if and when she is clued in on what his real motives for being at the hotel are?
As we go on throughout the season, Alicia starts to be less and less surprised by all the secrets coming out about and from people that are close to her. She's really realizing that she doesn't know much about her family or the people that are close to her at all. So if and when that came out, Alicia, I think, would be thrown for a loop, absolutely. She matures a lot and she learns to cope with these secrets a little bit better and figures out what to do about them.

Are Yoli and Alicia now finally on the path to a good relationship now that Yoli put so much trust in her by coming out?
I loved reading this episode in particular because it was nice to see them sort of joining forces. Up until then they had sort of snickered at each other all the time and exchanged a couple of words to each other. So when I found out that they had actually become sort of allies in a sense, I thought that was a really smart idea, especially because Yoli really needs one. She's such a strong character and she really does hold her own against Carolina (Feliz Ramirez) with these secrets that she's hiding. I think for her, confiding in someone finally was just such a sweet scene between the two of them. And Yoli will prove to be very useful in the coming episodes as well. So that relationship that Alicia now has with Yoli will be -- it was a very good move on her part to befriend Yoli.

Grand Hotel airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

​Denyse Tontz and Justina Adorno, Grand Hotel

Denyse Tontz and Justina Adorno, Grand Hotel

Richard Cartwright, ABC