Joan Rivers may not know squat when it comes to contemporary music, but that didn't stop the red carpet's worst lady from making some bold predictions during E! Entertainment Television's Live from the Grammy Awards pre-show. Chief among them: The death of that struggling little genre we call — yikes! — rap.

During an exchange with Nelly, Rivers asked the chart-toppping hip-hopper, "Where will you go when rap is over?" Before you could say "damage control," E!'s resident music expert Dave Adelson quickly brought the "Ride Wit Me" performer back out to help remind viewers that rap is no longer considered an "alternative" genre.

Phew, that was a close call.

Surprisingly, classic Joan blunders weren't as easy to spot as one might expect given, well, her history at these things. Of course, that may have more to do with the fact that her sidekick — daughter Melissa — was banished to the dreaded "one-on-one" room, and thus, was far from the controls. (Despite the limited workload, "Melicious" still managed to mangle such tongue twisters as "E! Online" and "Music's biggest night.")

But never fear, as sure as an award show has a red carpet, Joan and Melissa can be counted on to trip on it. And let's face it, the world is a better place because of it. Some highlights:

IT'S NOT JELLY: Joan mispronouncing "Lady Marmalade," and being corrected by Mýa.REPEAT THE QUESTION PLEASE: Joan, putting a new spin on her trademark line, "Who are you wearing," asking Mýa: "How did you get what you got?"OOPS, SHE DID IT AGAIN: Joan asking respected rock vet Elvis Costello, "Are you cleaned up now?" Um, we weren't aware he had a problem?MEDICAL MIRACLE: Doting mom Joan telling Godsmack rocker and new dad Sully Erna that, "[Melissa and I] just had a little boy." No wonder Missy — who actually had the baby with husband John Endicott — is reportedly having marriage problems.DOES SHE DO THE RESEARCH HERSELF?: Melissa informing Coldplay that recent buzz that the group is breaking up must be true because, well, "It's right here on my research card!!"NO GOLDEN HANGER FOR YOU: Disheveled rocker Ryan Adams admitting to Joan that he woke up with a hangover, and that's why he looked the way he did. Regardless, Joan said it was a "pleasure" to meet him.FAVE JOAN/MELISSA PHRASE: "Where is your home base?"DON'T YOU READ STAR?: Joan having absolutely no idea who Melissa Etheridge's new girlfriend, Tammy Lynn Michaels (Popular), was.THAT'S SEXY: Joan interrogating the boys of 'N Sync about their bathroom habits.QUOTE OF THE YEAR: Joan to Grammy darling India.Arie: "When did you decide to put the dot in and do you think at one point... you're going to say I don't want the dot."WHERE'S THE RESEARCH CARD WHEN YOU NEED IT: Joan then asking India, "Has this been a great year for you?"IT'S HUMAN NATURE: Joan asking lip-ringed Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington how he kisses his wife. Bennington's reply? "Usually, our lips meet."

Of course, as Joan herself admitted at the start of the show, she's not exactly at the top of her game in the romance department. Joking that she's actually happy to own Enron stock, Johnny Carson's nemesis cracked: "It's the only time I've been screwed in the last 14 years."

Mental picture!