Two of my first Trivial Matt'rs blogs were dedicated to my early thoughts on the 2006-07 TV season, and at long last I have a few minutes here to revisit that "forecast" and see how I did. This is literally the first time I have looked back at those blogs, so here we go.

Brothers & Sisters
I said: "Expectations were modest" given "foreboding backstage shuffles," but "by the end I was pulled in."
Outcome: Lotsa critical acclaim and an early Season 2 pickup by ABC!

The Class
I said: "The cast threatens to be unwieldy, but... I smell another [How I Met Your] Mother."
Outcome: Some avid fans, some "decent" ratings, but no renewal yet. (Oh, and they shed one cast member.)

I said: "The concept is nifty" and "good casting."
Outcome: Far from a runaway hit, it was shelved after just a few airings.

I said: "I need more answers, or at least hints of answers."
Outcome: Fox's answer was, "Nope," and Vanished... quickly did just that.

I said: "This show will be full of surprises."
Outcome: Perhaps the season's biggest and most buzzed about pop-culture hit - and that is no surprise.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
I said: "If you want belly laughs, wait for 30 Rock. If you want a look at... TV programming, this is the one to watch."
Outcome: No one wanted that look at TV programming. S60 last aired Feb. 26.

Help Me Help You
I said: "I didn't expect to enjoy this comedy so much."
Outcome: I didn't get to enjoy this comedy very much.

I said: "Some have raved about this one, but I just couldn't quite get there."
Outcome: Smith had but a few stolen moments. Six episodes' worth, to be exact.

I said: "Invest in bullhorns now."
Outcome: Last seen in mid-December, it's been MIA (and has had its "return date" postponed a few times) since.

Friday Night Lights
I said: "If non-sports enthusiasts can get beyond the 'football' hook, this could be the show to watch. One of my new favorites."
Outcome: Damn that football hook. A renewal is possible, but if it comes through, Season 2 will cut back on the pigskin.

The Nine
I said: "Worthy of a long hard look," though "the crux of the show - What exactly happened [during the] bank hostage situation? - could prove frustrating."
Outcome: Frustrating, indeed. Gone by Thanksgiving.

I said: "I'm excited for this series."
Outcome: And still am, just hoping for a renewal.

I said: " Alias' Spy Daddy as the most cunning of cunning, high-priced defense attorneys? I'm so there."
Outcome: The numbers weren't there.

Twenty Good Years
I said: "Eh" at the upfronts, but later claimed to see "potential."
Outcome: Matt, follow that first instinct from now on.

30 Rock
I said: "I'd watch Tina Fey read the phone book," "Alec Baldwin is icing on the cake," "The most satisfying of NBC's new shows with a number in the title."
Outcome: Renewed! (And deservedly so.)

I said: "Don't miss the end of Episode 2!"
Outcome: I could have gone on to say, "... because only three more will air after that."

Ugly Betty
I said: "A winning comedy, for sure," though I had a problem with the Devil Wears Prada-ness of it all.
Outcome: Renewed!

Six Degrees
I said: "Compelling," "I was completely engaged," "One of my two favorite new series."
Outcome: Despite ABC's recent bid to reheat Degrees, the show got a chilly reception, and is gone (again).

I said: Liked it a lot, though had to giggle at the idea of Shark having a faux courtroom in his cellar.
Outcome: A bona fide hit and ER beater-upper.

'Til Death
I said: "In lieu of Raymond, this somewhat sates my hunger for husbands-versus-wives humor."
Outcome: I barely watched it ever again, save for the times I was too lazy to change the channel after Idol. But it will probably be back.

Happy Hour
I said: "I don't recall this show being especially funny."
Outcome: And neither did you.

Men in Trees
I said: "With Six Degrees, one of my favorite newcomers.... My wife really, really liked it."
Outcome: Renewed, yet now the missus and I are left wondering, "Where the heck is the rest of this season?!"