Now that Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) is out of the picture on Gotham, the Court of Owls is ready to take center stage — and they've got their sights set on Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).

The Court of Owls becomes "very present" in the back half of the season, Mazouz tells us, and that everyone should be on high alert when their plan goes into action.

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Like we said, though, Bruce has the most to worry about. "They do something to him ... that will change him forever, emotionally," Mazouz hints."There are some very, very emotional things that happen to Bruce."

We already know that the Court has their claws into Bruce's doppelganger, which means that they can convince all of Gotham City that Bruce is one of them — but what else could they have planned for the future Batman? Whatever it is, it sounds like yet another important step in establishing the young millionaire as the Dark Knight.

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