Gotham's Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is feeling guilty about shooting his former best friend Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) in the chest and leaving him for dead. But instead of dealing with those feelings, Nygma is actively seeking a new brainy buddy when the series returns.

Finding someone who understands his riddles, however, proves to be a challenge. There will be several casualties before Nygma finds "the one" - intellectually speaking, anyway.

As it turns out, there's only one other person in all of Gotham (besides Oswald) who's on Nygma's level, and that's... Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk)! That's right, these two are going to get pretty tight as Nygma's heartbreak over losing Oswald spurs his transformation into The Riddler.

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But the partnership isn't built to last. While Foxy is a master of Nygma's games, he won't be a willing accomplice in the ensuing chaos. Let's hope that he makes it out alive.

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