Whatever happened to Rona Barrett, the queen of Hollywood gossip who frequently was first with the most shocking tales about celebs' private lives? Well, believe it or not, she's busy raising lavender on her spacious Santa Barbara ranch for use in a line of anti-aging creams and food products. Proceeds from the venture — appropriately called "Taste of Lavender" — go to support Barrett's fave cause, Seniors in Need.

Although the sharp-tongued observer admits that, "It's hard to get back into the thick of celebrities when I'm in the thick of my lavender," she manages to still keep a close eye on Tinseltown's latest scandals du jour. So, TV Guide Online lobbed a few hot topics Barrett's way to see if she could talk spice as well as grow it.

Robert Downey Jr.: "He certainly isn't the greatest actor that came down the pike, but he's become a celebrity because he fell off the wagon. Is that something to glorify? That's my problem with Downey, but Hollywood keeps forgiving him because he does have talent."

Michael Jackson: "I don't know why he has so radically changed his appearance. I knew him from when he was a child and he was always adorable and delightful. Now, he's transformed himself into somebody that is difficult for me to recognize. I don't think he's ever really ever explained why he did it to anybody, even Oprah."

Survivor: "For money and ratings we'll do anything, go to any lengths. We have reached the stage where the Christians are being thrown to the lions, and that's disgraceful."

O.J. Simpson: "I'd have loved to sink my teeth into that story. I did a lot of interviews with O.J. and I think he was capable of murder. Anything is possible when you're in a state of rage, and I think he had some problems."