Michelle Trachtenberg, Gossip Girl Michelle Trachtenberg, Gossip Girl

TVGuide.com has confirmed that Michelle Trachtenberg will reprise the role of mean-girl Georgina on several upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl. But... why?

We think Trachtenberg is a fine actor (she had some fun sending up a Britney-type pop tart on Six Feet Under, if you recall), but the Georgina-Serena face-off never quite came together for us. I know the producers want us to believe that S. used to be a man-eating party girl, but as played by Blake Lively, she's as harmless as a basket of kittens fresh from the dryer. So when G. came to town all "I know who you killed last summer," she just seemed kind of cruel, right? Not to mention that S. ultimately didn't actually kill anyone really. Frankly, we welcomed the end of that futile storyline — and Georgina's departure from the scene.

So why bring her back? When we last saw G., she had gotten her proper comeuppance and was being shipped off to mythical bad-girl boarding school (it's just outside of Bridgeport, Conn., I hear), unrepentant for her girl-on-girl crimes. Do we really need more Georgina?

What do you think? Are you excited to hear she'll be back or do you think another G. spotting on Gossip Girl is totes lame?

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