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OMG! Gossip Girl is ending! That's right, the CW's Upper East Side drama will soon leave the air for good. But before Gossip Girl signs her last "XOXO," there are plenty of loose ends to tie up. Will Chuck and Blair finally get their act together? Will Lonely Boy really take down all of his friends? Will Nate finally become interesting? And most importantly, who is Gossip Girl?! Catch up with where we left our favorite Upper East Siders and see what's coming up this season.

Blair (Leighton Meester)
Where We Left Off:
After B's life history was splashed across the pages of Gossip Girl (thanks partly to Serena) Blair had to do major damage control. She told Serena she never wanted to see her again and then admitted she loved Chuck and not Dan. (Duh!) Although Chuck rebuffed her advances, she followed him to Monte Carlo and went all in on his future.
What's Next: Don't expect a lengthy "Chair" reunion, as Blair will put her focus squarely on running Waldorf Designs. The job will prove harder than it seems thanks to a ghost from Blair's past, but Blair's still's got a few surprises up her sleeve — or should we say, around her neck.

Will Gossip Girl's identity be revealed in the final season?

Serena (Blake Lively)
Where We Left Off:
After losing her job as heir to the Gossip Girl throne, Serena pushed away the people that mattered to her, both accidentally (the real Gossip Girl published Blair's diary) and purposefully (she manipulated Dan into cheating on Blair with her). When last we saw S, she was on a train headed for a return to her drug-using ways.
What's Next: After hitting rock bottom, Serena Sabrina will try to start fresh with an older man (7th Heaven's Barry Watson), who has a big secret of his own. When Serena's time off the grid begins to alarm her family, an apologetic Blair blows her cover, forcing her to return to NYC — where a new enemy is waiting to take Serena down.

Dan (Penn Badgley)
Where We Left Off:
Lonely Boy was just that: Blair chose Chuck over him and he rebuffed Serena's manipulations to get him back. The silver lining? Dan found new determination to write a juicy and revealing sequel to Infamous. Only this time he's using real names — and working with new writing partner Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg).
What's Next: Dan will have trouble finding a publisher for his delicious novel, but he will find a helping hand from an old friend from the Upper East Side who also stands to benefit from the book's publication.

Gossip Girl
Promo: Who's getting exposed? Who's getting slapped? And who's getting hitched?!

Chuck (Ed Westwick)
Where We Left Off:
Bart's resurrection from the dead was bad news for Chuck, who was ousted from Bass Industries. Chuck turned his energies to taking his father down and taking back the company with the help of his uncle, who also helped Chuck reunite with Blair.
What's Next: In order to take back Bass Industries, Chuck must first figure out why his dad played dead all these years. The task will prove difficult considering his father's deep secrets — and even deeper pockets.

Nate (Chace Crawford)
Where We Left Off:
Nate was left high and dry after Serena's cousin/half-sister Lola ditched him to tour with Wicked. However, Nate's old fling Diana gave him a juicy video showing a hooded individual stealing Serena's Gossip Girl laptop.
What's Next: While Nate hopes to expose Gossip Girl once and for all and put The Spectator on the map, but he may not be able to hold on to the damning footage. Also look for Nate's love life to heat up with a new flame who has surprising connection to Serena.

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Lily (Kelly Rutherford)
Where We Left Off:
Lily annulled her marriage to Rufus in favor of rekindling her relationship with her believed-to-be-deceased husband Bart Bass (Robert John Burke).
What's Next: When Lily returns from a romantic summer getaway with Bart, her main concern will be finding Serena. However, she should really be concerned about Ivy (Kaylee Defer), who took Lola's portion of CeCe's estate and promised to ruin the woman that put Lola's mom in jail for fraud.

Rufus (Matthew Settle)
Where We Left Off:
Rufus tried to save his marriage to Lily and trick Bart into signing annulment papers.
What's Next: Dan, and the world, will be completely freaked out to see just who Rufus is shacking up with — both literally and figuratively.

Gossip Girl's final season starts Monday at 9/8c on The CW.