Gossip Girl Gossip Girl

About. Damn. Time!

After what's felt like the longest dramatic foreplay since Sam and Diane (if you don't get that, Google them), Gossip Girl's Blair and Dan finally got it on last night. And although good flings didn't come to those who waited at first, the couple some 'shippers have been praying for since their first foreign-film convo were able to give the good stuff a second (and third) shot with major success.

So yay, right? After all, Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester are fabulous together and the writers clearly have a blast scripting their pseudo hipster-meets-scandalized heiress exchanges. Our only issue with the whole situation is that we have waited forever...couldn't they come up with a more rewarding payoff than a botched hotel tryst followed by a pair of sloppy, drunken and public hookups? These two deserved a grand gesture, a gauzy, romantic "moment." Not elevators and alleyways.

Oh well, maybe next time. And considering that Dair can barely keep their hands off each other now, you just know there will be a next time. But will you be rooting for them? Or is this partnership not your 'ship?

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