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How Fiorina Bested Trump and 6 More Highlights From CNN's Republican Debate

She is not there to be messed with, Donald

Shelli Weinstein

CNN's Republican debate on Wednesday night was still the Donald Trump show, but not in the way he may have expected.

As the current frontrunner in the race for the party's presidential nomination, the business mogul could very well have walked away as the night's winner. But his competition, namely Carly Fiorina, was armed for a fight, and the rest of the candidates also took jabs at The Donald.

The two candidates joined Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul at the Ronald Reagan Library for "the main event." An earlier GOP debate that day, what some have dubbed the "kids' table" debate, only featured four participants: Rick Santorum, George Petaki, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Check out the best and worst moments from the real debate:

1. Fiorina trumped Trump. A newcomer to the prime-time debate scene, Fiorina made it clear she was not going to back down from Trump insulting her looks when he said in a previous interview, "Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?" At the time, Trump claimed he had misheard the the question.

Fiorina told moderator Jake Tapper, "It's interesting to me. Mr. Trump said he heard Mr. Bush very clearly and what Mr. Bush said. I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said." Of course, Trump backpedaled and claimed, "She's got a beautiful face, and I think she's a beautiful woman." Crickets.

2. Trump's "heart"-felt immigration plan "I don't think you'd even be talking about illegal immigration if it weren't for me," Trump boasted for the nth time since he announced his candidacy. "We don't have a border and we're going to do something about it...It can be done with proper management and it can be done with heart." Yes, because if you're going to deport 15,000 people a day, every day for two years, you should be doing it "with heart."

3. Rubio called out Trump. After Trump claimed that "there are few people anywhere" who would know the names of certain foreign leaders, Florida Senator Rubio clearly disagreed. "If you're running for president, these are important issues," he said. "A president better be up to date on those issues on his first day in office or her first day in office."

Trump then promised that he would "know more about the problems of his world by the time I sit [in the White House]" once he met with "terrific people." Vague enough for you?

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4. Chris Christie had it with self-aggrandizing. One of the fiercest head-to-head moments of the debate came when Trump and Fiorina began to duke it out over who has the worst career track record. While Trump accused Fiorina of being responsible for major job losses at Hewlett Packard, she fought back with jabs at Trump's failed Atlantic City casinos. But it was all too much for Christie, who attempted to put them in their place. "[Viewers] could care less about your careers, they care about theirs," he lectured. "You're both successful people, congratulations. You know who's not successful? The middle class." (Ooh, sick burn.)

5. Kasich spoke the truth. Speaking, we assume, on behalf of us viewers, Kasich said that after spending the first 10 minutes of the debate talking about Trump, "if I were sitting at home watching this back and forth, I'd be inclined to turn it off." If only we had that foresight three hours earlier!

6. Code Name: Ridiculous Softball Question Tapper asked each candidate what their presidential code name would be, and true to form, the answers were ridiculous, ranging uber-patriotic to downright crazy. Ben Carson chose "One Nation," and Rand Paul chose "Justice Never Sleeps," while Cruz went with "Cohiba," a type of Cuban cigar. Fiorina picked "Secretariat" (after the famous Triple Crown-winning horse, which will just give Trump more fodder) and Trump chose the name "Humble" because he apparently thinks he's a comedian now. Tell us Secret Service, do you require code names that make sense?

7. Ivanka Trump on your $10 bill. As if the code name question weren't taxing enough, Tapper also asked the candidates which notable woman they would put on the $10 bill. Strangely enough, relatives seemed to be the answer of choice, even more than Rosa Parks or the other real possibilities. "That's an easy one, I'd put my wife on there," exclaimed Mike Huckabee. Ben Carson would go with his mother, and Trump, naturally "because she's been sitting there for three hours, my daughter Ivanka." Nepotism and brown-nosing at its finest!

But once again, Fiorina delivered the most eloquent answer about the "gesture" of replacing the currency's image. "What I would think is that we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group when women are the majority of this nation," she said. "We'll be much better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses."

Who do you think the biggest winners and losers of the debate?

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