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While The Good Wife's Season 3 premiere showed that Alicia and Will are so on, the cast provided plenty of off-screen entertainment during Sunday's episode. As part of CBS' Tweet Week, Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Alan Cumming all live-tweeted the East Coast airing. The trio shared on-set secrets, answered fans questions and spilled a few upcoming spoilers (but not too many). Our seven favorite revelations:

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7. So About That Love Scene:
Fans didn't get to see what happened in the pricey presidential suite between Alicia and Will, but their hot love scene at Will's place more than made up for it. (We dare you not to blush.) During the scene, Cumming tweeted "awkward" as he was watching with Margulies and her husband and Charles and his girlfriend. Margulies tweeted: "My friendship with Josh makes shooting our scenes much easier!"

6. Paging Nancy Crozier, Patti Nyholm and ... Jack Donaghy?: "We really hope Mamie Gummer (Crozier) will be back: we love her," Margulies tweeted and Charles said he hoped Martha Plimpton (Nyholm) would return. When asked about favorite guest-star/judges, Margulies said Denis O'Hare, aka Judge Abernathy, came to mind quickly. As for new guest stars, Margulies said Alec Baldwin is a dream guest star and CNN's Piers Morgan tweeted at the cast to offer his services:  "I'm available as your stand-in for all elevator scenes in future." (Looks like they don't need his help!)

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5. The Real Story Behind the Bangs:
 Most fans were well aware of Alicia's new bangs, but Cary (Matt Czuchry) also sported a new 'do during the season premiere. Cumming joked that the new hairstyles "are in our contracts."

4. What's Will Up To in Season 3?: Charles revealed that he has not had a single scene in a "proper courtroom" so far this season, so what is Will doing (besides doing Alicia)? Charles said his favorite part about the upcoming episodes has been exploring Will and "getting in to his past and what drives him." Asked his favorite thing about his character, Charles said it's Will's "desire to win at all costs and the price he must pay for that professionally and personally."

3. Reporting for Double Duty: Charles may have fewer courtroom scenes, but he's about to have a much bigger workload. The actor revealed he is stepping behind the camera to direct an episode. "I am directing my first one later this season. Very excited."

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2. Will and Alicia Aren't the Only Ones Getting Busy:
Kalinda's love life has always been a hot topic, and Cumming fueled the fire. He first tweeted that "Kalinda and Cary are so destined to shag, don't you think?" before later promising that Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) is "getting some very soon." Also, when a fan asked Alan Cumming about the possibility of a Lockhart Gardner Christmas party, Cumming delivered a steamy, if completely fictional, answer: "Yes, I am going to get smashed and have a three-way with Diane and Will." That's one way to bond with your new co-workers.

1. The Thin Line Between Alan Cumming and Eli Gold: How does Cumming step away from his ruthless campaign manager character at the end of the day? "I take my tie off and rub the tons of hair spray out of my hair and run away from the set as quickly as poss[ible]," he said. It also helps that he sounds nothing like his character, thanks to Cumming's accent. "I often sound Scottish and have to [dub] and redo my lines!"

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.