When The Good Wife returns for its sophomore season, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) has a very tough decision to make: take a chance and start something new with her boss, Will, or take a chance and try to repair her marriage to her campaigning husband, Peter. No matter which path she chooses, things are about to get very complicated both at home and at the offices of the newly merged Lockhart, Gardner & Bond. Cary is ready to battle in the court room, Alicia's new mentor (hello, Michael Ealy!) is bringing some "Baltimore blood" to the conference room, and, of course, there's a another scandal waiting right around the corner.

Oh, and did we mention Alicia talks back to a judge? The good wife is the junior associate no longer.

Michael Ealy joins the cast of The Good Wife

Check out the new Season 2 trailer below: