Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski

Talk about a spoiler alert. Fans of The Good Wife were shocked when — moments after Alicia (Julianna Margulies) accepted Peter's (Chris Noth) proposal to renew their vows in Hawaii — the preview for Sunday's season finale (9/8c on CBS) showed Alicia and Will (Josh Charles) making out in a car like a couple of teenagers. And though that scene answers the question of whether Alicia would act on her lingering feelings, there are still plenty of story lines up in the air going into Season 4's final hour. We take a closer look at the biggest burning questions:

1. Is Peter going to win the election? This ain't no small-time State's Attorney's race we're talking about. This is the race for the governor's mansion—which means no matter what the outcome, Peter, and subsequently, Alicia's life, will be changed drastically. If Peter wins, he'll be the most powerful man in the state of Illinois, Alicia will have even more clout, and Eli (Alan Cumming) will waste no time brainstorming Presidential campaign slogans. If Peter loses, his political career is essentially over and Eli may have to go back to handling cheese crises and fighting over the food pyramid for the time being.

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2. Is Cary really going to leave Lockhart/Gardner?  He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore! After his equity partnership quickly disintegrated without warning, Cary's (Matt Czuchry) been quietly orchestrating his exit from Lockhart Gardner and now it seems he's taking most of the firm's fourth-year associates with him. The show has never been one to psych out fans — see: Season 1 when Cary was actually fired and eventually hired by Glenn Childs — but there is always the off chance that he could throw his fellow fourth-years under the bus if he somehow managed to get a promotion out of Diane (Christine Baranski) and Will.

3. If so, will Kalinda really go with him? Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) proved her loyalty to Cary earlier this season when she went to great lengths not to squeal about Cary's big plans to the partners. Meanwhile, Kalinda doesn't seem to be feeling any such loyalty to the firm now that she knows Robyn gets healthcare and Will has made it clear he has little intention of playing into her back-and-forth salary games. How complicated will their maybe-hooking-up-but-we're-not-sure relationship get if they go into business together at a start-up? And, for all of her charm, would Robyn (Jess Weixler) really be able to fill Kalinda's boots at Lockhart/Gardner?

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4. Will Diane become an Illinois Supreme Court Justice? Now that Lockhart/Gardner is rolling in the dough again, strangely everyone seems to be heading towards the door. However, Diane has a legitimate reason after Peter made it known he planned to nominate her for the open Supreme Court seat. Not only will Peter have to win, but it seems like Diane will need to do something to win over the powers that be in the Illinois Supreme Court after Chief Justice Ryvlan  made his disgust for Will the "scoundrel" — as well as Diane's loyalty to her bad boy partner — known. If she does leave, would Will really be able to run everything on his own? Or would he feel compelled to name a new partner like the always profitable David Lee (Zach Grenier) or the new first lady of Illinois perhaps? Hey, it's not completely out of the question.

5. Will Diane and Marlboro Man tie the knot? Like everything else in her life, Diane appears to be doing the marriage thing very much on her own terms. She asked Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) to marry her. And then, after it seemed like maybe he had said no, she publicly confirmed their engagement with minimal fanfare. Will these two crazy kids just go to the courthouse? Or will Diane just announce at some point in time that they already got hitched, and decided not to invite anyone? Any way we can get more Marlboro Man, we'll take it.

6. Who will Alicia choose? Sure, the previews show her locking lips with Will. But on The Good Wife, that could mean many different things. Maybe it's Alicia getting it out of her system before she gets lei'd in Hawaii? Maybe it's a dream, like how she kept picturing herself in bed with Will on St. Patty's Day? Maybe she and Will really will decide to give it a second shot? Part of what makes the show so great is its complete lack of any such black or white answers, but how long can Alicia really live her life in this grey area of sleeping, but barely dating, her husband and fantasizing about her boss?

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS. What do you want to see happen in the finale?