Question: Any good spoilers for the upcoming season of CSI: NY?

Answer: Um, no, but I have something on CSI: Miami! Plans are coming together for the show's 100th episode on Oct. 2. "We're going to have a really good opponent for Horatio, one who is almost playing with the CSIs," teases producer Liz Devine. "He thinks he's smarter than them." Meanwhile, "Calleigh's dad, Duke Cane, will be on opposites sides of the table from her," Devine reveals. "He's actually going to be defending a real bad guy. And Ryan Wolfe will be making a mistake with an informant that gets him into a lot of trouble." And, lest I forget to mention it, there will be a very special guest star. "Of course, you've got to have a gator," Devine laughs. "It's the 100th episode of Miami!"