The Good Place cast's final appearance together at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday was a bittersweet experience. There were jokes per usual, but when the fact that Season 4 will be the show's last came up during the panel, humans, demons, and Janets alike became a little emotional.

"We are all so honored to be part of this show. We are so honored that it fills a room of people that love it as well," Ted Danson said. "We love that 12-year old kids come up that watch it religiously. We love it so much." He went on to express gratitude to showrunner Mike Schur. "Thank you for this wild ride," Danson said.

Kristen Bell also chimed in about what she's learned from working with Schur, and what she hopes to carry forward to her next projects.

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"The biggest lesson I've learned from him is the the knows how to empower people around him," she said. "It's astounding how much [Mike] can look at other people around [him] and say, 'I see so much potential in you. How can I lift you up?'"

D'Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, once again compared the show's ending to a painful break-up. "It feels like a break-up when you're still in love with the person, but you know its not going to last," she said on stage. "I still love you, but let's end it in a way that feels good for everyone." Tahani actress Jameela Jamil added, "We can say it's great, but it sucks."

Fans also got in on the love, giving Schur and the cast a standing ovation at the end of the panel. Most of the cast were in tears as they took their final pictures together on the Indigo Ballroom stage.

"It's been an honor that I think, because I've been so busy trying to remember your lines, that will catch up with me as I go through life," Danson told Schur, after a panel of jokes about how Danson has already lined up his next job. "You are an inspiration for real."

The Good Place Season 4 premieres Thursday, September 26 at 9/8c.