Kristen Bell Kristen Bell

Question: Can you give me any good scoop on Veronica Mars?

Answer: Sure can. The Nov. 30 episode is packed with so many bombshells that the advance screener UPN mailed out to critics was hitched to a disclaimer that went a little something like this: "As a mystery series, there are a couple of reveals in this episode that we would like to keep secret from viewers. In this spirit, we ask that you please not reveal who has been [censored] to the [censored] pole, any [censored] issues, the [censored]'s identity or [censored], the reveal of who [censored] whom to get [censored] in the end, or the episode's final surprise ending." Hey, I just thought of something: You guys have been jonesing for a new AA game, so why don't we see how many [censored]s you can fill in after watching next week's episode. The first person to correctly guess all of 'em wins a cool piece of Mars swag plus a copy of the soundtrack! May the best Martian win!