Question: When are you going to change the title from "Michael Ausiello's Entertainment News" to "Matt Webb Mitovich's Entertainment News"?

Answer: Actually, that day arrives on Monday. The gradual transition that you've all borne witness to these last few months will be complete on Monday, when I officially pass the Entertainment News reins over to my colleague, Matt Webb Mitovich who, following my lead, will have a substitute write that day's column. But before you throw yourself in front of a bus, listen up: This is hardly goodbye. Entertainment News may no longer be my baby after Friday (don't forget to read my last column, BTW!), but my presence will still be felt each and every day. (You'll see how, beginning Monday.) And in addition to the "global phenomenon" (my Aunt Joan's words, not mine) that is Ask Ausiello, I'll be launching a new weekly column on in the coming weeks that will be an extension of my TV Guide magazine column, the Ausiello Report. Plus, there is a fairly major venture in the works that could potentially put me in touch with my peeps (read: you guys!) round the clock. As in 24/7. I guess what I'm trying to say is, there's no need to worry about me. I'll still be plenty overexposed overworked.