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And here you thought Kurt and his new "Teenage Dream" Blaine were going to lock lips. There was the slow-motion hand-holding down the hallway, the "I'm gonna get your heart racing / in my skintight jeans," the text messages of "courage"...

But no. (Or, not yet.) Glee pulled a fast one and Kurt instead got his first kiss from a closeted jock. Then, in another unexpected turn, Mr. Schu planted a gentle one on Coach Bieste, who after learning that her image provided some glee clubbers the, er, buzz kill, they needed, revealed hurt feelings.

Glee episode recap: "Never Been Kissed"

Kurt's kiss with ham hock (his words, not mine) felt necessary, even if it was presented as a twist. As Mr. Schu pointed out, this season Kurt has been plenty angry and, for the most part, unwilling to accept help from his friends. But in this episode, he interacts with two guys on opposite ends of his spectrum. There's new friend Blaine, out and proud, and more of an experienced mentor on growing up gay than a real love interest at the point. Then there's the bully, who turns out to be someone also struggling with his identity issues, albeit in very destructive ways.

Ryan Murphy has said this episode would kick off an arc revolving around Kurt's struggles with being bullied (really, he's been bullied since his first dumpster toss in the show's first episode.) Following the three teens, all of whom are at different points in coming to terms with their sexuality, could make for some compelling, first-of-its-kind television. (Blaine, I'm sure, will appear at least less saintly as episodes progress.)

Glee manages to make "Teenage Dream" slightly less annoying

Coach Bieste and Mr. Schu's kiss, on the other hand, made for a sweet if less necessary moment. It's been established that Coach Bieste is not a woman without feelings. As Sam says, "she's a chocolate turtle," hard on the outside, nougat on the inside. In her first episode, she crumbled pretty quickly after Coach Sue and Mr. Schu teamed up against her. Her welcoming some comfort from Will wasn't a problem, but how they got to that point was slightly more difficult to digest.

Did she really need specifics about what the kids were saying? And is Mr. Schu the kind of colleague who would have knowingly divulged what the boys were picturing in detail? Bieste in compromising positions? In lingerie? Sure, he stumbles — his underhanded Rocky Horror plot to win back Emma, most recently — but he's nothing if not compassionate. He even felt bad after successfully seducing and taking down Coach Sue last season! The kiss itself? While it may have stunned viewers to watch it happen, it is completely in character for Mr. Schu to have done it. Faced with a colleague at her most vulnerable, letting him know what she most needs... Why not help her over that hurdle with a small sweet smooch?

What did you think of the kisses? Were you surprised?