Cory Monteith and Matthew Morrison Cory Monteith and Matthew Morrison

There's a new top dog on Glee, and for once it has nothing to do with one of Coach Sue's nefarious schemes to take down the New Directions. This Tuesday (8/7c, Fox), when Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) goes to Washington, former glee club star Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) temporarily fills his dancing shoes. Finn may have logged three years crooning Journey and Queen, but he's still got a lot to learn about how to truly lead the glee club, especially with sectionals right around the corner. So to help him out, we compiled some of the most important lessons from Will's bumpy, but fun tenure thus far:

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1. DO the things you love in small doses Fans know all too well that Finn loves his classic rock (The Pretenders, Rick Springfield, etc.), but he needs to know when to pick his moments to make everyone jump on the bandwagon or else he'll have another Journey situation on his hands. Like remember when Mr. Schue used to rap everything from Kanye to Vanilla Ice? If he had just known when to pull back, maybe we would still be enjoying his sweet beats today.

2. DON'T pick glee club favorites Mr. Schue wasted valuable rehearsal time managing the egos of the club's stand-out vocalists like Rachel, Kurt, and most memorably Mercedes (Amber Riley), who deflected to Shelby's Troubletones group last season when she didn't get enough solos. Imagine how much more intolerable Rachel (Lea Michele) would be if she hadn't been knocked back down to earth every once in a while.

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3. DO keep your focus on the kids Sure, Finn is going through a hard time right now what with losing the love of his life and getting kicked out of the army. But any time Mr. Schue started working on himself, New Directions suffered. Remember when Will considered leaving Lima to star in April Rhodes' (Kristen Chenoweth) autobiographical Broadway musical, and consequently Finn and Rachel ruined New Directions' shot at the Nationals trophy? Or when Will's competition with former classmate Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) almost cost the glee club their funding? And as much as we loved the smooth vocal stylings of the Acafellas, Will's after-school project left the New Directions vulnerable to major Cheerios sabotage courtesy of Quinn and Santana.

4. DON'T underestimate your opponents It's bad enough that Coach Sue (Jane Lynch) seems to spend every waking moment trying to think of new ways to get rid of New Directions', but the rival glee clubs have gone to great lengths to secure their own victory. In Season 1, Jane Addams Academy's show choir director Grace Hitchens (Eve) had no qualms about using the New Directions' set list that Sue leaked to her — they did "Proud Mary" in wheelchairs for crying out loud! In Season 3, soprano saboteur Sebastian (Grant Gustin) not only stole the New Directions' idea to do Michael Jackson songs, but he then tried to use an obviously fake nudie photo of Finn to blackmail Rachel into dropping out of sectionals. We do all realize that is all just for a glee club trophy, right?

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5. DO watch your back — and your job — at all times As if worrying about rival Streisand wannabes wasn't enough, Will has always had the added pressure of having to watch out for his job specifically. When it's not Sue trying to get glee club cut completely, it's the looming threat of a new teacher coming in to take his place, say for example, one who boasts an impressive Mary Todd Lincoln impression, or a Spanish teacher with great chair-dancing skills. Even the seemingly can't-miss opportunities — i.e. that big mattress commercial the New Directions filmed in Season 1 — have come back to bite Will in the butt.

6. DON'T be afraid to ask for help Does Mr. Schue always know best? Not so much. In Season 1, when he tried to get the young New Directions to do the dated "Le Freak" at a rally, they rebelled with a raunchy performance of "Push It," which nabbed the group three much-needed new members.  And Emma (Jayma Mays) has always proven wise beyond her limited musical knowledge. Once, Artie (Kevin McHale) practically forced him into co-directing Grease, Finn has always proved he has no qualms about asking others, like Mercedes and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), for their two cents.

7. DON'T get on Coach Sue's bad side Hmmm, it's probably a little too late for this one.

Glee airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox. How do you think Finn will do as the new head of New Directions? What advice do you have for him?