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As if it wasn't bad enough that Glee's Will Schuester has his wife and girlfriend fighting for him, he may soon have even more female attention.

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"There's two that you know of, there might be more," Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr. Schue, told at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, where the show was named best TV comedy. "Women are coming out of the floodgates for Will Schuester."

Will's estranged wife, Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig), and his new girlfriend, Emma (Jayma Mays), will continue to fight over the glee coach, but Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is getting into the mix, too. "She will be back with a vengeance," Lynch said. "It starts out with a little sexual blackmail and it goes on from there."

As for Terri and Emma, "We'll have a real old fashioned girl fight, though I won't stop at murder, honey," Gilsig joked to Mays on the red carpet. "Or at least getting you transferred."

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"I do want to keep Will, but I'm a little afraid, I have to say," replied Mays. "Jessalyn, I think I could take you. I'll squirt you down with antibacterial soap if I have to."

Gilsig and Mays said their characters, who don't normally sing on the show, will be belting tunes in the latter half of the season, while Lynch will pair up with guest-star Olivia Newton-John for "Let's Get Physical." Lynch teased she'd be singing much more in the coming episodes.

Another possible addition: Executive producer Ryan Murphy said Jennifer Lopez may be making her way to the set.  "I have a meeting with Jennifer Lopez in a couple of weeks. She said she wants to be on," he said.

Who do you want to see Will end up with?