Question: Given your Battlestar Galactica hintage in last week's vodcast about the final five words uttered in the season finale, I can't help but think that it's one of the following: A) "I think we've found Earth," B) "The Cylons have found Earth," or C) "It's a race to Earth." Can you confirm that it is one of those?

Answer: I can't because "E***h" is actually one of the final 16 words in next week's finale, not the final five as I originally teased in my vodcast. (Sorry, I must've miscounted.) Allow me to put it in the correct context for you: "*'** **** ** E***h. * **** ***** it is. And *'* ***** ** **** ** *****." And the only thing more shocking than the words themselves is the identity of the person whose mouth they come out of.