Girl Meets World kicked off its third season with Riley (Rowan Blanchard), Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), Lucas (Peyton Meyer) and the rest of the gang entering high school; and after a few hiccups, they're raring to go! But with the new setting, comes new plots, and new challenges. Here's everything we have to see this season on Girl Meets World.

1. Let's settle that whole "love triangle" thing.

For two seasons now, we've watched Girl Meets World tackle the Riley/Maya/Lucas love triangle... But if this show is as different from Boy Meets World as creator Michael Jacobs claims, everyone needs to eventually come to terms with their relationship status and get back to studying! Or, you know, other, funnier stuff.

2. New loves!

Last season, Riley had a short-lived relationship with the clingy Charlie (Tanner Buchanan). It was fun, funny and shook things up, so... More, please? And can we get some new relationships for Maya and Lucas, as well? This may be ever so slightly tied to that whole "move past the love triangle" thing above. Maybe.

3. Zay and Smackle need more time on screen.

Zay Babineaux (Amir Mitchell-Townes) and Isadora Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) are awesome additions to the core gang, but we need more. Both of them need their own moments to shine, to become more than just the sidekicks of sidekicks. Why, maybe they could even be sidekicks one day! Let's get this hashtag trending, folks: #ZayAndSmackleForSidekicks

4. New classmates!

During the premiere, in Cory's (Ben Savage) new history class, we met the ridiculously critical Marly Evans (Katie Sarife). With any luck, Marly will pop up to continue making Cory's teaching job hilariously harder, but we need more! The cast is so small and tight knit, it would be great to flesh out the world with more ridiculous characters like Marly, or like the roving group of seniors who went head-to-head with our heroes (and looked like extras from the next Thor movie).

5. ...But also more of what we already love.

While new is great, we want more Farkle antics (preferably sans creepy android), more Maya one-liners, more Riley madness. And okay, fine, more love triangle, too. The new stuff the show has introduced this year has been great, but the core gang is so solid, we can't wait to see what's in store for them as they meet a whole new world in high school. It's gonna be one heck of a season.