Gina Rodriguez has earned acclaim — and a Golden Globe — for playing a super-savvy lady who can finesse her way out of a jam on Jane the Virgin; now she's bringing that same skill to Netflix's animated Carmen Sandiego series.

Netflix announced it has greenlit 20 22-minute episodes of the new Carmen Sandiego show, which will premiere in 2019. (The Tracking Board was first to report news of the adaptation.)

Based on the popular Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? video games and the quintessentially '90s PBS show that followed, Netflix's adaptation will feature Rodriguez as the titular hero and criminal mastermind whose adventures taught geography, English and other subjects as she thieved all over the world. The series will also reveal Carmen's past and show how she became a world-renowned thief.

Originally conceived with the Portuguese-Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda in mind, Sandiego has become a modern Latina icon whose identity and culture are an integral theme of her persona.

Timing of the show will allow Rodriguez to do a feature film and return to her critically acclaimed hit show on The CW, which recently wrapped filming on its third season and has been picked up for a fourth.

Gina Rodriguez, <em>Jane the Virgin</em>Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin