In a segment taped to air on Tuesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lauren Graham says she is not at all surprised by the recent events that led to the CW's Gilmore Girls not continuing on for another season. "It was a conversation that was going on for a long time," says Graham, who with TV daughter Alexis Bledel had been in long-running contract talks with the network. "I think it's really a good thing.... It's the best thing for the show, and I feel really good about it." As reported by the Miami Herald, Graham then toasts the series' end by throwing back a mojito delivered to her and a La-Z-Boy-ridden Ellen by a remote-controlled robot.

UPDATE: Here, as much-anticipated, is the Ausiello Report's very own, full-length, no-stone-unturned Q&A with Lauren Graham about GG's bon voyage.