Question: How sad is it that I read AA every week hoping that you say something about our beloved Gilmore Girls? Something like, "Movie in the works" or "Surprise! They're coming back for an eighth season!" I know, it's pathetic.

Answer: As a matter of fact, GG is coming back for an eighth season. OK, not really. But it felt good to type it. The best I can do for you is a little Kirk scooplet. My spies tell me that Sean Gunn has found a new restaurant to frequent post-Luke's. This fall, he'll be appearing in multiple eps of October Road as a fry cook at the bar where Janet works. Natch, he's also secretly in love with her. Natch, I won't be watching. Meanwhile, Alias alum Kevin Weissman has also signed up for an arc; he'll play a colleague of Nick's whose nose is out of joint because he's no longer the BPOC (big professor on campus). Both of them will first pop up in the second episode this fall.