Question: I miss seeing Lauren Graham every week on Gilmore Girls! Any news on what she's up to?

Answer: She was hanging out with bud Matthew Perry at the just-wrapped Sundance Film Festival, where they were supporting their new flick, Birds of America. A little birdie passed along some interesting tidbits from the film's press kit. Like this quote from Lauren on how she became involved in the project: "I was in New York and full of conflicted feelings about Gilmore Girls coming to an end. We'd just shot the final episode and I still hadn't even become used to not having to be up at six every morning. So I was at dinner in New York when my phone rang with the news that [director] Craig Lucas wanted to meet me the next day. The meeting went great and we started shooting two weeks later." She added that, from a production standpoint, Birds was "very different" than GG. "Gilmore Girls was very rat-a-tat-tat, a high-energy show with lots of language. We'd shoot nine, 10, 11 pages a day, but we always had time time to rehearse, talk, prepare. On this movie, we worked insanely quickly: I remember hearing 'rolling!' the second I'd set foot on set."