Question: I just saw your interview with Amy Sherman-Palladino on the picket line in NYC. Did she mention anything to you about a future Gilmore Girls' reunion movie?

Answer: Sorry, but I thought it was a little tacky to grill her for scoop while she was taking part in a national protest. Besides, I was too busy trying to coax those elusive final four words out of her. Speaking of my visit to the front lines yesterday, I witnessed something really disturbing, and I feel it's my duty to pass the information on to you in the form of a very obvious blind item: Which entertainment-news-show talking head used the work stoppage as an opportunity to, um, strike while the iron's slutty? Said host who knows a thing or two about embarrassing sex scandals was seen not-so-discreetly pocketing a phone number from some skanky star-frakker who had been stalking him for the better part of an hour. Guesses? Post 'em in the Ask Ausiello Discussion Thread.