Question: So, when you were in Gillian Anderson's bed (Ask Ausiello 1/18), did she go with her is-it-real-or-fake American accent or her is-it-real-or-fake British accent? She seems to go back and forth depending on the continent or her mood.

Answer: It's so funny you should ask this because I was wondering the same exact thing when I was listening to her gab at PBS' Bleak House session at press tour. One moment she was talking like Scully and the next she sounded like a highbrow Madonna. What gives? "When I'm in London I basically speak with a British accent," she told me while we were in bed together. "It's near impossible for me not to when I'm sitting around with a bunch of Brits. It was challenging to keep my focus on my American accent [at the press-tour session]." She also reminded me that she was "a British kid. My first language was the British accent, so it took me quite a while to completely drop it when I moved over here."