There's a new mystery on Ghosted, and its a humdinger!

A suspect is on the loose and stealing people's hearts, and the team must figure out who he is and why he's doing it. The puzzling thing is that the hearts are being stolen without an incision being made to the body — so how are they disappearing?

The most puzzling thing though is that the lead suspect moved from Hawaii to Florida. Who does that? Why would you do that?

Fall TV Popularity Contest: Was Ghosted a Crowd Pleaser?

"Florida is for the people who don't know about Hawaii," Annie (Amber Stevens West) points out, because she's obviously the most clear thinking person on the team. This is obviously the real mystery and if the team can crack that case, the rest of it should be cake, right?

Ghosted airs Sundays on Fox at 8:30/7:30c.