It's time again to be "Getting Lost," with the latest entry in's weekly vodcast.

This time around, I've got executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse pondering nicknames for the Season 5 finale, which they happen to be writing as we speak/type. (Calm, everyone, calm....) Will the boys bake up a "bread," unleash another "snake," or dupe us again with a "donkey wheel"?

Also in this video:

• Will a dark event in island lore dictate the "departure" of new mom Amy? Reiko Aylesworth shares her take.

• Getting Lost-ies offer their theories (both good and, um, wild) on what Kate did with Aaron, and why it has her so upset.

• This week's burning question: Who exactly did Amy just give birth to? Send your best guess to (And don't errantly suggest Ben, or I'll sic Smokey after you.)

GETTING LOST: More scoop on Amy, the finale's secret codename, & more!

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