This week, in the latest entry in's Getting Lost video series:

* Is Ben not so bad after all? Hear what Michael Emerson has to say about perception-altering moments like those in "Dead Is Dead."

* Speaking of dead, Naomi resurfaces in next week's episode, "Some Like it Hoth." What is Las Vegas alum Marsha Thomason able to reveal about her "encore"?

* Last week's Burning Question — "What happened to Rose and Bernard?" — resulted in quite a consensus of opinion. Find out what the dominant theory is, then see if Lost bosses Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were willing to confirm or deny!

* The new Burning Question concerns a strange little something uttered by a character this week. Give it some thought, then send your best idea to

GETTING LOST: We preview the next episode with 'Naomi'. Plus: Where are Rose and Bernard?

Matt Mitovich shares Michael Emerson's take on some upcoming events on Lost, a preview of next week's episode with 'Naomi', and more!|Lost|Michael Emerson|Marsha Thomason|Matt Mitovich|