Michael Emerson, Lost Michael Emerson, Lost

This week's Lost found Ben (Michael Emerson) faced with a decision to become the island's next leader. But did UnLocke mean his job or Jacob's? Emerson discusses the fateful position and who would want to take it. Plus: what's Ben's possible future now that he's not buried in that grave he dug — and who is No. 108 (aka Wallace) on the lighthouse wheel of mystery?

Lost producers: What it means to be a candidate, what's the "sideways" world

GETTING LOST: Michael Emerson talks Jacob's job and Ben's end

This week, Michael Emerson shares his thoughts about Jacob's job, how he thinks Ben's journey could end. Carlton Cuse weighs in on when we'll see candidate 108.|Getting Lost|Lost|Michael Emerson|Carlton Cuse|noamazon|

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