Gerard Butler Gerard Butler

A paparazzo accuses Gerard Butler of battering him, Spartan-style.

In a video released by the INF agency, photographer Mark Morgan Kreusch claims the 300 actor battered him after the premiere party for Butler's new film, RocknRolla

Butler was named as a suspect in a report taken for misdemeanor battery, Los Angeles police told E! News.

Butler has not yet commented on the incident. No arrests have been made and no detectives have been assigned yet to investigate, but they will be soon, police said.

Kreusch says he was following Butler's limo when the actor got out of his car, jumped through Kreusch's window, grabbed him by the throat and hit him repeatedly, mostly in the back of the head.

The paparazzo says Butler also kicked his car, all the while yelling, "Oh, you want a photo? You want to photograph me?"

RocknRolla, directed by Guy Ritchie, opened today in limited release.