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George Clooney could write his name on a cocktail napkin and networks would fight each other for it. So naturally, after he attached himself to a television drama project, a Hollywood bidding war broke out, and we finally have a winner.

The Studio — which is executive-produced by Clooney, will be written by Rescue Me's Peter Tolan and comes from Sony Pictures Television — has been scooped up by Showtime, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The network, which is also home to Homeland and Shameless, has offered a script commitment with a significant penalty attached.

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An inside look at the showbiz industry, The Studio follows a movie studio in the early 1990s when massive corporations were swallowing up studios and changing the entertainment industry. The human element comes from the studio's partners, who are also best friends, as they run the business and do all they can to maintain their power.

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